About Us

How We Started and What is Our Goal

METAtip was co-founded by a range of team members that stretch across the world, ranging from the United States to Sweden to Malaysia. Our experience with blockchain technology is well versed as we have an experienced team that has been in the industry for years. Our business goals are to help companies understand the potential of blockchain. We help them to integrate META into their payment gateways through simple plugins and browser extensions. Many real world businesses are excited and keen to adopt blockchain technology. However, without the knowledge many are simply turned off by the technology. The complexity of implementing blockchain into their businesses can be tedious. We are able to provide a solution for fast, instant and affordable transactions with an easy one click button via metaverse avatars. This allows us to integrate the META blockchain gateway into any type of business anywhere in the world!

METAtip started to gain traction with airdrops. Airdropping to those who owned ETP via Metaverse blockchain, distributed to 2,000 people over 6 months. META volume is dispersed evenly and is not centralized by any one person or developer. METAtip Raised roughly 150,000 USD for the soft cap ICO when the market was at its peak. Our team then ended ICO once the funds needed for exchanges were raised and the remaining 42 million tokens were burned. This lowered supply from 100 million to only 58 million. META is not mineable and more can never be minted. In comparison with other ICO’s that raised millions, we believe the funds are enough for achieving our product further down the road and that burning the remaining supply was rewarding to he community holders by lowering the total supply. METAtip was minted and founded on December 5, 2017. We will continue to work hard on expanding METAtip focusing on integrating META into small businesses both online and in store across the world!